Samba de Amigo - Sega's beat 'em up activity - is making a comeback,

The mellow maraca-shaking Switch is set to appear on the mid this year.

Samba de Amigo: Party Focal, as this new rendition will be known,

What Makes the Dreamcast's Extraordinary Rhythm Moves Unique

where the point is basically to orient your marka-ing weapons into position according to the impulses of the game,

Then shake the music to the music like you've never rocked

But as the tunes go on, so do lots of new little games like leisure slings.

40 tunes guaranteed, as well as plenty of beauty care products to tweak your simian symbols,

spreading in various ways. Also, love checker mode is back,

trying to equate himself with the latter player in view of the precision of his appendix thrashing,

and has online multiplayer in World Party Mode,

Where the aim is to maintain the beat and not try to settle.