Google is looking for ways to console individuals

that it is still at the forefront of the race for the best man-made consciousness innovation.

Thus far, Web Monster is by all accounts concocting a somewhat unacceptable response.

An ad intended to show off their new artificial intelligence bot was mistakenly shown noting a probe.

Shares in the parent organization Later Set fell more than 7% on Wednesday,

The $100bn (£82bn) jump came from the association's much-anticipated value.

In development of the bot, known as Versifier,

which was released on Twitter on Monday,The bot was aware of this

That's what a nine-year-old has to say about the revelations of the James Webb Space Telescope.

It offered feedback that the telescope was quick to take pictures of a planet outside the planetesimal cluster of worlds,

When in fact the achievement was guaranteed by the European Extremely Large Telescope in 2004

A mixup immediately noted by space experts on Twitter.

"Why didn't you fact check this model before sharing it?"

Chris Harrison, a fellow at Newcastle College, replied to the tweet.

given about the organization's plan to send man-made consciousness into its products