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You Can Bet Money on Morbius Winning Worst Picture at the Razzies

Morbius Winning Worst Picture : Despite the fact that the Brilliant Raspberry Grants are a tire fire consuming within a trash bin, you can in any case put cash on what will be delegated the most terrible film of the year.

The online sportsbook Bovada has full wagering chances for the films that have been designated for “Most awful Picture” as the current year’s service, and amazing basically nobody Jared Leto’s Morbius is the number one.

As of this composition, the Sony Pictures film has – 160 chances to win the award. Different candidates incorporate Blonde (+225), Pinocchio (+600), Great Grieving (+800), and The Ruler’s Girl (+800).

Morbius was selected for four additional honors at the current year’s Razzies notwithstanding “Most obviously terrible Picture.” Its different designations incorporate Most exceedingly awful Entertainer (Jared Leto), Most horrendously awful Supporting Entertainer (Adria Arjona), Most horrendously awful Chief (Daniel Espinosa), and Most awful Screenplay (Screen Story and Screenplay by Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless).

The most named film this year was Netflix’s Blonde, the semi-biopic of Marilyn Monroe featuring Ana de Armas. Blonde was additionally designated for Most exceedingly awful Picture and Most terrible Chief (Andrew Dominik).

Notwithstanding beforehand endeavoring to keep a cold and hard outside in years past, the Razzies have locked to public tension as of late after their adolescent endeavors at humor have been called out by film fans.

Last year the Razzies made a whole classification called “Most obviously terrible Execution by Bruce Willis in a 2021 Film,” only weeks before Willis’ family affirmed he’s been determined to have aphasia and would be resigning from acting.

However they at first attempted to keep up with they would in any case “grant” a film in this classification, they in the long run retreated and rejected it.

This year saw the Razzies court another sort of contention. One of their chosen people for “Most obviously terrible Entertainer” when initially reported was Ryan Kiera Armstrong, the twelve-year-old star of last year’s reboot of Firestarter.

Not in the least did the Razzies rescend her assignment, yet openly apologized to the youthful entertainer.

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