Meta is enhancing the keyword search feature on Threads to improve the search experience for users in countries where English and Spanish are widely spoken.

Users can now search for people by username and expand their search to include posts with the specified keyword, similar to Instagram's search feature.

Mark Zuckerberg previously tested this feature in Australia and New Zealand before rolling it out in English and Spanish-speaking countries.

Meta plans to extend this feature to more languages and countries in the near future and is actively seeking user input for further enhancements.

Threads has received recent updates, including a web app and features like sharing in Instagram DMs and custom alt-text.

Despite an initial surge in popularity with 100 million sign-ups in five days, Threads faced a decline as users returned to platforms like X (formerly Twitter).

Meta's improved web version and enhanced search feature may attract some users back to Threads.

The keyword search is now available in English and Spanish, targeting countries like Argentina, India, Mexico, and the U.S.

This feature is accessible on both mobile and web platforms.

Meta continues to expand and enhance its social media offerings to cater to a wider audience.