Last year's OnePlus 10 star is set to be replaced by the OnePlus 11.

The OnePlus 11 won't be a Genius, and it certainly wasn't a normal OnePlus 10.

Things may be more clear, but would you rather say what you do?

Regardless of the aspect, this is a flagship phone from OnePlus,

Which is the focus of all its attention, development budget and everything else.

Spill means that formally unveiled

Some time ago we got a sense of what the OnePlus 11 would look like.

It's got everything we've cherished around the first OnePlus: a strong, very good quality processor,

A clear screen and (after brief redirection) a serious sticker price ($699).

The OnePlus 11 ships the same week as three phones from popular Android phone player Samsung.

Such phones are in the 2023 world S series

which are bigger and cheaper than the latest OnePlus phones,

There are both expensive and less expensive ones.

Luckily, this new leader has a trick to stand out from Samsung's new arrangement: exceptionally quick 100-watt charging.