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The Last of Us Introduces a Key Character From Part II

The Last of Us : The Remainder of Us just retroactively presented a really significant person from The Remainder of Us Part II.

The Remainder of Us is clearly founded on a computer game, however it is presently simply adhering to the principal game. The subsequent game, which was delivered an entire seven years after the first, recontextualizes a ton of the underlying title.

It doesn’t really retcon things to such an extent as give extra setting to a portion of the occasions from the main game.

Notwithstanding, the show presently has the advantage of knowing the past on both of those games, so it has the privilege to sow seeds to set up things that will take care of in later seasons.

Given Wicked Canine had no clue on the off chance that it would do a continuation or what that would resemble, a ton of these things don’t appear in the principal game.

In the most recent episode of The Remainder of Us, we get a brief look at something like one person from The Remainder of Us Part II.

As Maria and Tommy are showing Ellie and Joel the town of Jackson, they take them to a pony stable. Ellie is then acquainted with a child horse named Shine, which fans will perceive as the pony that has a place with Ellie in the subsequent game.

She rides it on her watches around Jackson and afterward even takes Shine to Seattle where she is going on a journey to find and kill the game’s main bad guy. Obviously, Shine is very significant.

There’s likewise some hypothesis that the young lady keeping an eye on Ellie while she’s eating in the feasting corridor could be Dina, however it’s truly hanging out there.

Dina is Ellie’s old flame in The Remainder of Us Part II and is quite possibly of the main person in that game. The truth will come out eventually assuming that was her or simply some arbitrary youngster living in Jackson.

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