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Jenna Ortega, Travis Kelce to Host Saturday Night Live

Travis Kelce to Host Saturday Night Live : Saturday Night Live has affirmed two of their impending hosts and melodic visitors that will show up on the series. The parody show has affirmed that on Walk 4, new off his Super Bowl win, Kansas City Bosses tight end Travis Kelce will have the series with Kelsea Ballerini set to show up as melodic visitor.

On the next end of the week, Saturday, Walk 11, Wednesday and Shout VI star Jenna Ortega will take to Studio 8H and will have the series.

Joining her in the episode will be melodic visitor The 1975, their subsequent time showing up on the show.

It’s not really normal for dynamic competitors to have Saturday Night Live, with J.J. Watt in 2020 being the latest to take it on.

In the past Eli Monitoring and Peyton Monitoring have facilitated the series, with different models including LeBron James, Michael Phelps, Ronda Rousey, Spear Armstrong, and Tom Brady.

Taking into account SNL’s inclination for having shock visitors show up on the series that are connected with the host, Kelce bringing along a portion of his kindred Bosses players appears like an easy decision.

Concerning Ortega, the simplest bet on the planet to show up is some sort of sketch where she either repeats her job of Wednesday Addams or an immediate farce of one more person along these lines as her hit Netflix series of some sort.

Ortega will likewise be facilitating the series toward the end of the week that Shout VI is delivered into theaters, meaning a farce of the slasher establishment additionally appears to be reasonable.

This has been a significant pattern for SNL this season, having has downplay their renowned jobs, or in any event, repeating them in a significant way.

Elvis star Austin Steward featured in an Elvis-themed sketch during his episode, Dave Chappelle repeated various characters from his hit Chappelle’s Show, Steve Martin and Martin Short repeated their Dad of the Lady of the hour characters, Aubrey Court showed up as her Parks and Diversion character April Ludgate, with Pedro Pascal featuring in a The Remainder of Us spoof about Super Mario.

Before either Travis Kelce or Jenna Ortega have the series however, Woody Harrelson will take on facilitating obligations. With the impending episode, set to air Saturday, February 25, Harrelson will join the five-clocks club.

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