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How to Unlock Voltas AC Remote: A Step-by-Step FREE Guide 2023

How to Unlock Voltas AC Remote : When summers arrive and the scorching heat becomes unbearable, air conditioners become our best friend.

Voltas, a leading brand in the air conditioning industry, offers a wide range of air conditioners equipped with advanced features including remote controls for convenient operation.

How to Unlock Voltas AC Remote

However, there are instances when you may accidentally lock the Voltas AC remote, leaving you wondering how to unlock it. we will provide you a step by step guide on how to unlock your Voltas AC Remote.

Understanding the Lock Functionality

Before we get into the unlocking process, it is necessary to understand the lock functionality of Voltas AC Remote.

The lock feature is designed to prevent accidental changes to the AC settings. Pressing any button while the remote is locked will have no effect on the air conditioner. This feature is especially useful if you have kids at home who may unknowingly be tampering with the AC settings.

Locating the Lock Symbol

The first step is to identify the lock symbol on your Voltas AC remote. Look for a small padlock icon on the display screen or near the buttons. The lock symbol can vary depending on the remote model, but it usually looks like a small lock.

Identifying the Unlock Button Combination

Now that you’ve located the lock symbol, the next step is to find the correct button combination to unlock the remote. Voltas usually follow a specific pattern for unlocking the remote. The usual method is to press and hold a combination of buttons simultaneously.

Trying the Common Unlocking Combinations

There are several common unlocking combinations used in Voltas AC remotes. One of the most common methods is to press and hold the “Mode” and “Timer” buttons at the same time for about 5 to 10 seconds.

The second method is to press and hold the “Mode” and “Fan Speed” buttons simultaneously. If none of these methods work, refer to your Voltas AC user manual for the exact button combination for your remote model.

Observing the Unlocking Message

Upon successful pressing of the correct button combination, you will see a message or indicator on the remote key’s display screen.

This message usually says “Unlocked” or “Child Lock Off”. Once you see this message, it indicates that Voltas AC Remote is now unlocked and ready to use.

Testing the Remote

After unlocking the remote, it is necessary to make sure that all the buttons are working correctly. Test each button to verify that the remote is responding to your commands and controlling the air conditioner effectively.


How to Unlock Voltas AC Remote : Unlocking your Voltas AC remote is a simple task once you know the correct button combination.

Remember to locate the lock symbol on your remote, try the common unlocking combinations, and observe the “UNLOCK” message on the display.

By following this step-by-step guide, you can easily regain control of your Voltas AC and enjoy a cool and comfortable environment during the hot summer months.


1. Why does the Voltas AC remote lock itself?

The Voltas AC remote locks itself to prevent accidental changes to the AC settings, especially when it’s in the hands of children or unintentional button presses.

2. Can I unlock the Voltas AC remote without the user manual?

you can try the common unlocking combinations mentioned in this guide. However, it’s always best to refer to the user manual for precise instructions.

My Voltas AC remote still won’t unlock. What should I do?

If the common unlocking combinations don’t work, check if you are following the correct steps. If the issue persists, consider contacting Voltas customer support for assistance.

Does the Voltas AC remote automatically lock itself after a specific time?

some Voltas AC models have an auto-lock feature that activates after a certain period of inactivity to conserve battery life.

Can I disable the lock feature permanently?

the lock feature is a safety mechanism and cannot be permanently disabled. However, it’s easy to unlock the remote following the steps mentioned in this guide.

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