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How to Get Bees Out of Advanced Beehive in Minecraft 2023

How to Get Bees Out of Advanced Beehive in Minecraft : Minecraft, the favorite sandbox game, offers players the opportunity to engage in a variety of activities including farming, building, and exploring. An enjoyable aspect of the game is beekeeping, where players can interact with bees, collect honey, and build beehives.

However, there may come a time when you will need to move bees from one advanced hive to another. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps on how to effectively get bees out of an advanced beehive in Minecraft.

How to Get Bees Out of Advanced Beehive in Minecraft

The vibrant and interactive world of Minecraft includes many creatures and activities, including the fascinating world of beekeeping. Upgraded beehives, a valuable addition to the game, can be strategically placed to enhance your gameplay and resource collection.

Understanding Advanced Beehives

Advanced beehives are an upgrade from basic hives, providing more room for the bees to thrive and produce honey. These hives need to be handled carefully when moved to ensure the safety of the bees and the continuity of honey production.

Why Move Bees?

There are many reasons to move bees in Minecraft. Maybe you want to create a dedicated beekeeping area, increase honey production, or simply reorganize your base. Whatever the reason, proper relocation ensures the well-being of your bee colony.

Preparing for Bee Relocation

Before you begin, gather the necessary tools: scissors, a campfire, glass bottles, and blocks for the location of the new beehive. Also, make sure you have enough space to accommodate the new hive and protect it from environmental hazards.

Gathering Necessary Materials

Shears are crucial for obtaining honeycombs without angering the bees. Glass bottles will be used to collect any excess honey from the old hive before moving the bees.

Creating a New Beehive Spot

Choose a suitable location for the new beehive. It should be near flowers and water, as bees require these elements to produce honey. Create an enclosed area to protect the bees from rain and hostile mobs.

Transferring Bees to the New Location

Use a campfire to pacify the bees in the old hive. With the bees being docile, use scissors to collect honeycombs and glass bottles to collect honey. Then, break open the hive and use the lead to lead the bees to their new home.

Securing the Bees

Place the bees into the new hive, making sure to keep them safe from any threats. Close the hive and wait for the bees to settle and resume their honey-making activities.

Collecting Honey and Honeycombs

Once the bees are comfortable in their new hive, you can start collecting honey and honeycombs. Use a smoker to calm the bees whenever you need to access the hive.

Maintaining the New Beehive

Regularly check on the bees, provide flowers, and keep the hive protected. This ensures a steady supply of honey and prevents the bees from becoming agitated.

Benefits of Successful Bee Relocation

Efficient bee relocation leads to increased honey production, improved resource management, and a well-organized base. Moreover, bees play a crucial role in pollination, benefiting nearby crops.

Troubleshooting Bee Relocation Challenges

Sometimes, bees may not cooperate during relocation. In such cases, using a flower to pacify them or trying the relocation at night when the bees are less active can be helpful.

Advanced Tips for Beekeeping in Minecraft

  • Breeding bees to expand your colony
  • Using hives strategically for resource gathering
  • Building a bee-friendly environment with plenty of flowers
  • Utilizing honey for crafting and potion-making


Beekeeping in Minecraft offers both practical resources and an immersive experience. Relocating bees from advanced beehives requires careful planning and execution, but the rewards in honey and gameplay enhancement are well worth the effort.

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