Game of Thrones Season 4 Cast

Game of Thrones Season 4 Cast
Game of Thrones Season 4 Cast

Game of Thrones Season 4 Cast, the epic fantasy series that took the world by storm, reached its zenith with its riveting fourth season. As we delve into the intricacies of the show, it’s impossible to ignore the stellar cast that brought the characters to life. Season 4, known for its shocking twists and intense character developments, showcased a blend of seasoned actors and fresh faces, all contributing to the saga’s grandeur.

Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen

At the forefront of Season 4 was Emilia Clarke, reprising her role as Daenerys Targaryen. The Mother of Dragons faced her fair share of challenges this season, and Clarke’s performance garnered praise for its emotional depth and unwavering determination. With her silver locks and fiery demeanor, Clarke embodied the essence of a queen rising to power.

Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister

Peter Dinklage continued to steal the show as Tyrion Lannister. The witty and intelligent dwarf found himself entangled in political turmoil and familial betrayals. Dinklage’s portrayal earned him widespread acclaim, and his scenes, especially the trial, were nothing short of masterful. The seasoned actor brought a perfect blend of humor and pathos to the character, making Tyrion one of the series’ most beloved figures.

Kit Harington as Jon Snow

In Season 4, Jon Snow faced the aftermath of his time with the Free Folk and grappled with his loyalty to the Night’s Watch. Kit Harington’s brooding intensity and strong presence continued to make Jon Snow a central figure in the unfolding drama. Harington skillfully navigated the character’s internal conflicts, making Jon Snow’s journey both captivating and emotionally resonant.

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Jaime Lannister

Jaime Lannister’s character underwent a significant transformation in Season 4, and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau embraced the challenge with finesse. The Kingslayer’s journey from a scorned figure to a more nuanced and sympathetic character was brought to life by Coster-Waldau’s nuanced performance. The actor showcased Jaime’s vulnerability and internal struggle, earning him praise for his ability to convey complex emotions.

Maisie Williams as Arya Stark

Arya Stark, portrayed by Maisie Williams, embarked on a perilous journey during Season 4. Williams, despite her young age, delivered a powerful performance that captured Arya’s fierce determination and evolving identity. As Arya navigated the dangerous world around her, Williams skillfully portrayed the character’s growth and resilience, earning accolades for her portrayal of the young Stark girl.

Lena Headey as Cersei Lannister

As the cunning and power-hungry Cersei Lannister, Lena Headey continued to excel in her role during Season 4. Headey’s portrayal of Cersei’s intricate political maneuvering and emotional vulnerabilities added depth to the character. The actress brought a chilling charisma to the role, making Cersei one of the series’ most captivating and enigmatic figures.

Charles Dance as Tywin Lannister

The commanding presence of Charles Dance as Tywin Lannister loomed large over Season 4. As the patriarch of House Lannister, Dance brought gravitas and authority to the role. His scenes, especially those with his children, showcased the intricate dynamics within the Lannister family. Dance’s portrayal of Tywin’s cunning and ruthlessness contributed to the show’s overall intensity.

Sophie Turner as Sansa Stark

Sophie Turner’s portrayal of Sansa Stark evolved significantly in Season 4. As Sansa navigated the treacherous political landscape of King’s Landing, Turner’s performance captured the character’s growing resilience and cunning. The actress skillfully conveyed Sansa’s internal struggles and emerging strength, making her a standout character in the season.

Iain Glen as Jorah Mormont

Jorah Mormont, played by Iain Glen, faced new challenges and emotional turmoil in Season 4. Glen’s performance portrayed Jorah’s loyalty to Daenerys and his internal conflicts with depth and authenticity. The actor’s chemistry with Emilia Clarke added emotional weight to their scenes, making Jorah’s journey a compelling aspect of the season.

Rory McCann as Sandor “The Hound” Clegane

Rory McCann continued to bring a gritty and compelling presence to the character of Sandor Clegane, also known as “The Hound.” Season 4 delved deeper into The Hound’s complex relationship with Arya Stark, and McCann’s performance showcased the character’s gruff exterior and underlying humanity. The Hound’s journey became a memorable aspect of the season, thanks to McCann’s nuanced portrayal.

The New Faces

Season 4 also introduced several new characters, each portrayed by talented actors who seamlessly integrated into the existing ensemble. Pedro Pascal’s charismatic and enigmatic portrayal of Oberyn Martell, Indira Varma as Ellaria Sand, and Michiel Huisman stepping into the role of Daario Naharis brought fresh energy to the series. These additions enriched the narrative and expanded the scope of the Game of Thrones universe.


Game of Thrones Season 4 stands as a testament to the power of storytelling and exceptional acting. The cast, led by a stellar ensemble of seasoned performers and rising stars, brought George R.R. Martin’s world to life with unparalleled skill. From Emilia Clarke’s regal presence as Daenerys Targaryen to Peter Dinklage’s unforgettable portrayal of Tyrion Lannister, each actor contributed to the series’ success.

As we reflect on the fourth season, it becomes evident that the cast’s collective talent elevated Game of Thrones beyond a mere television show. It became a cultural phenomenon, captivating audiences worldwide with its intricate plotlines, morally ambiguous characters, and unexpected twists. Season 4’s cast not only met but exceeded the high expectations set by the preceding seasons, leaving an indelible mark on the history of television.

In the unpredictable world of Westeros, where alliances crumble and loyalties shift like the winds, the Game of Thrones Season 4 cast proved to be the backbone of the series. Their performances, marked by emotional depth, authenticity, and sheer brilliance, transformed a fantasy epic into a timeless masterpiece. As we bid farewell to the fourth season, we eagerly anticipate the unfolding drama that lies ahead in the ever-changing landscapes of the Seven Kingdoms.


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